Monopoly Season

Concepting, Design


The Florida Lottery

Creative Direction

Christy Beegle, Nick McMurdy

Concepting Team

Carmen Masterson, Xavier Rivera, Tatiana Kalba, Christy Beegle, Nick McMurdy, Ivan Gonzalez


Nick McMurdy, Ivan Gonzalez, Tatiana Kalba


Roof Studio

The Florida Lottery tasked PPK with coming up with a campaign for their annual Monopoly scratch-off tickets that included a TV spot, animations, point-of-purchase print materials, and digital banners. However, with COVID proving to be a barrier to producing a live-action television spot, we had the opportunity to work with Roof Studio to produce a commercial that captured the fun of Monopoly season.

I was involved in the initial concepting rounds and my print design was chosen as the look to carry out across all the marketing materials.

See the final TV spot that informed the copy and design below.

2021 Gold Graphis Recipient
& 2021 Platinum Hermes Recipient

Digital OOH