Lotto 2020 Rebrand



The Florida Lottery

Creative Direction

Christy Beegle, Nick McMurdy

Concepting Team

Carmen Clemente, Jennifer NeumanXavier Rivera, Tatiana Kalba, Christy Beegle, Nick McMurdy, Ivan Gonzalez


Nick McMurdy, Ivan Gonzalez, Tatiana Kalba

To advertise their oldest game’s new logo and new features, the Florida Lottery asked PPK to come up with a rebranding campaign for Lotto included a TV spot, animations, point-of-sale print materials, and digital banners. Ultimately, the concept that was chosen was a TV spot that branded Lotto as Florida’s game, just with a new look.

The design concept below plays with an ‘80s theme to pay homage to the beginnings of Lotto back in 1988 and how it’s been a favorite ever since. While this concept wasn’t chosen for execution, it was a top contender and a favorite project of mine.

Point of Sale Design