PPK Vaccine Shirts

Art Direction, Design


The Florida Lottery

Creative Direction

Paul Prato, Steve Bowen

Art Direction

Carmen Masterson, Dana Householder


Jonathan Hickson

Concepting Team

Paul Prato, Steve Bowen, Carmen Clemente, Dana Householder, Val Sokolova


Steve Bowen, Paul Prato

Once the vaccine was widely available in the United States and it looked like summer 2021 was going to be a more “normal” time for us all, PPK wanted to encourage vaccination and use proceeds from shirt sales to benefit healthcare workers.

We leveraged pop culture references to make the shirts have wide appeal (with my concept and design of “Vaxxed: Off the Couch,” as my personal favorite) and used a professional photoshoot to further legitimize the clothing as relevant and wearable. 

Check out the full shop here. See our campaign in the media here.